Strokemaker Paddles (Star Spangled - Red, White, and Blue)

Strokemaker Paddles (Star Spangled - Red, White, and Blue)

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Size 0: XXS: for children age 7-10
Size 0.5: XS: for 8-11 age group and female masters swimmers
Size 1: SMALL: for ages 9-13; high school stroke swimmers
Size 2: MEDIUM: for older age-group girls and younger HS boys; college women, beginning male masters
Size 3: LARGE: SR Natl level girls, older HS and college boys 
Size 4: XL: for college men, Sr. Nat'l boys, very strong college women
Size 5: XXL: for strongest swimmers

Strokemakers were engineered to improve your swimming stroke while limiting stress on your shoulders. Strokemakers can be used in all four competitive strokes for drills, pulling sets, and sprint-assisted swimming. Swimmers may want to consider dropping down one or two sizes during taper and at the beginning of seasons. The paddles are also useful for synchro swimmers, water aerobics and some medical rehab due to their ability to increase strength and sculling skills.

  • Increase distance per stroke by inhibiting early recovery.
  • Strengthens swimming specific muscles as well as muscles used in water propulsion.
  • Holes and flexible design of the paddles improve the swimmer's feel for the water.
  • Paddles exaggerate to the swimmer both correct and incorrect movements.