Finis - Circuit Goggle (Clear, Silver Mirror, Green Mirror, Gold Mirror)

  • $16.00

Increase your vision and performance in the pool with the FINIS Circuit Mirrored Swim Goggle. These versatile goggles are designed with an arched nosepiece that allows free movement of the silicone eye gaskets, creating the most comfortable goggle. Designed to be worn during training and competition, the adjustble silicone strap distributes pressure evenly around the head. Mirrored, curved lenses offer ultimate peripheral vision and reduce distortion. Included are three interchangeable nosepieces for a universal fit.


  • Swivel Nosepiece: - Arched nosepiece allows free movement of eye gaskets to provide a snug, water-tight fit.
  • Low-Profile Design: - Reduces drag and increases speed.
  • Silicone Eye Gaskets: - Provides added comfort and a water-tight seal.
  • Custom Fit: - Three interchangeable nosepieces accommodate all face shapes.
  • Dual Silicone Strap: - Distributes pressure evenly around the head.
  • Curved Lenses: - Mirrored, curved design offers enhances peripheral vision and reduces distortion.
  • Anti-fog lenses.
  • UV sun protection.


  • Latex-free.

Country of Origin

  • Made in China.