Auburn Aquatics - Arena Swim Snorkel (SMALL) (Black)

  • $28.00

The Arena Swim Snorkel Small has been designed with a smaller mouthpiece and length that is great for younger swimmers or adults with small faces. The Arena Swim Snorkel Small is a swim training aid that allows you to forget about turning your head to breathe that allows you to focus purely on your swim stroke and body position. The Arena Swim Snorkel has an extra soft Liquid Silicone mouthpiece and strap and padding on the head support for a really comfortable fit. The head support swivels making it easy to pack away in your bag without damaging it. A yellow splash guard helps to prevent a lot of water coming into the top of the snorkel and a small purge valve at the bottom of the tube releases any water that has seeped in. When you put the snorkel on, the tube will sit at the front of your face, between your eyes.

Improves body position in the water: Using a swim snorkel enables you to concentrate on your body position in the water as you don't have to turn your head to breathe. You will be able to align your head and spine and hold the lower part of your body higher in the water. 

Improves stroke technique: By using a swim snorkel you eliminate the need to turn your head to breathe, enabling you to focus on your stroke and kick technique. You are able to watch your hand position as it enters the water and correct if necessary.