Auburn Aquatics - Arena Carbon Air Kneeskin

  • $265.00

Meet the newest member of the Arena POWERSKIN Carbon collection, the POWERSKIN Carbon Air Full Body Short Leg Open Back – where intelligent compression meets comfort in the water. Arena has combined the unparalleled technology of carbon with ultra-lightweight fabric to deliver a technical suit that offers the swimmer a powerful and controlled degree of compression together with a supreme level of comfort without compromising performance. 

FINA approved

Intelligent Muscle Compression

  • Horizontal Carbon Rings lock down at a critical stretch point to provide comfortable, lateral support and control when and where it’s needed.

Ultra Lightweight Fabric

  • The woven carbon fiber, elastane and nylon fabric weighs in at an incredibly light 125 g/m2, making the swimmer feel as if they are wearing a second skin.

SmartStretch Shoulder Straps

  • Special manufacturing process to reduce tension on the shoulders.
  • Offers intelligent stretching with sleek construction.

Carbon Air Features

  • 30% lighter than the Carbon Pro.
  • Cutting-edge racing suit that is unmatched for sheer comfort.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Sleek construction.
  • Simplicity of Air design allows the swimmer unparalleled freedom of movement.
  • Intelligent stretching that enhances comfort.
  • Open back design.


  • 65% Polyamide / 34% Elastane / 1% Carbon Fiber.